Chaiberia Film Festival features original works based on travel by train. All submitted works are set in the travelers point of view while riding on a train. Footage and scenery are shot in a B-roll format without scripted dialogue. The entire story is told by the scene at the beginning in the train station, then boarding, and the view through the window to the passing scenery. Films conclude with brief scenes of the destination upon arrival.

This is an ideal film project for students or travelers who wish to compete internationally by creating a project that shows what it is like to take a train from point A to point B, anywhere in the world.

There should be no actors or dialogue in your project, only editorialized views of crowds or passengers making their way through the open scene.

What’s your refund policy?

Please ensure your film meets all the criteria prior to submitting it via FilmFreeway. No refunds will be made after a film has been submitted. Refunds are not considered if a film was not selected, disqualified or defective upon delivery.

Who can submit a film?

The festival is open to any country and any age filmmaker.

Can I get a waiver of the admission fee?

No, we do not offer waivers, nor do we respond to requests for waivers.