Technical Requirements

  1. Minimum 1080p format in landscape presentation mode.
  2. Sound quality should focus on the train rather than dialogue of people.
  3. Camera angle in transit should be aligned with the window in such a way to present the natural view from the train window.
  4. Submission details should include the train route, train company, travel location, name of filmmaker and date taken, including approximate time of day.
  5. Film Title should be specific to the route to aid in sorting and judging,  For example: "Express Train, Kazan to Moscow, Russia."
  6. Footage should be free of accumulation of water on the window in the scene. Storms in the distance, that do not affect the viewing of the overall scenery are permitted.

Mandatory Sequence

  • Scene 1*:
    Film should include beginning sequence of shots taken from within the terminal, such as: A view outside the terminal, passengers boarding, a long view of the train, dining car, and seating where the transit video will be shot. Include subtitle of location.
  • Scene 2**:
    The view from the window while in transit. Ideally a shot of departure, the highlights of the trip and arrival at the destination.
  • Scene 3:
    Exiting the train and walking into the arrival terminal. Include subtitle of location.

*If scene is set in evening hours: exposure should be set in such a way that viewing is not difficult or in need of adjustment.

**Special access footage, such as views taken from the front of the train or rear of the train can be entered in special category competitions.



Submission to the festival grants an unlimited licensed use of your film for the purposes of promotion, competition and in relation to the festival exhibits. You still retain ownership of your film.

Hold Harmless:
Filmmaker accepts all responsibilities for release of editorial content and agrees to hold the festival harmless for any claims.

Next Steps...

Submission of films to the festival is handled exclusively through Film Freeway. Follow the link to the right for complete rules and requirements.